This page compiles handbooks and information about a business’ obligations for conducting recalls. It also gives businesses information on how to conduct a recall.

  • Recall Planning

    One of the best ways to ensure that a product recall is effective is to have a recall plan already in place and to execute the plan as quickly as possible.

    View the Be Prepared Guide
  • How to Conduct a Recall

    You are required to report products that fail to comply with a safety rule or any other rule, regulation, standard or ban; that could create a substantial hazard; or that create an unreasonable risk of serious injury or death. This guide walks you through the online reporting process.

    Report a Potentially Unsafe Product
  • Required Report Information

    When you file a product report (also called a Section 15 report) with CPSC, you are required to provide us with certain information. This is outlined in Title 16 of the Code of Federal Regulations at Section 1115.13 (d)

    View the Required Report Information
  • Recall Notification Types

    A guide to maximize recall notification for recalling firms.

  • Recall Checklist

    You need to recall a product. Now what? This checklist helps manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers conduct an effective and comprehensive product safety recall.

    Download the Recall Checklist
  • Website Notification Guide for Recalling Companies

    When you issue a recall, you need to post the recall information on your website. Here’s guidance on how to post the information.

    View the Website Notification Guide
  • Social Media Guide for Recalling Companies

    Social media will help you reach consumers about a recall. This guide provides information on some popular social media tools and gives you information on how to use them to publicize a recall.

    View the Social Media Guide
  • Hotline Questions and Answers

    A recall hotline provides information to consumers about a recall. This guide will help you develop a hotline script.

    Hotline Questions and Answers
  • Create a Recall Poster

    As part of a recall, your company will be asked to create a recall poster to be displayed in retail stores. This guide tells you how to make a great poster.

    Download the Recall Poster Guide
  • Video Guide

    This guide tells you how to prepare television and Web versions of the recall news release that can be distributed via satellite to TV stations nationwide and posted on YouTube.

    View the Video News Release Guide
  • Recall Help from Non-CPSC Sources

    Companies sometimes ask us for names of organizations that can assist them in conducting recalls. This is a list of organizations that have helped companies in the past. This is not necessarily a comprehensive list and CPSC does not approve, certify, or endorse these organizations.

    View the List of Organizations
  • Video: CPSC Presentation on Conducting a Recall

    This presentation provides extensive information on the recall process.

    Watch the Video
  • Monthly Progress Report Plan

    Companies that recall products are required to submit monthly progress reports for corrective action plans.

    Download the Compliance Letter to the National Association of Manufacturers Download the Monthly Progress Report Form
  • Recall Effectiveness

    Guidelines for Retailers and Reverse Logistics Providers This guide provides the regulations that retailers and reverse logistics providers need to know.

    View the Guidelines
  • Guidelines and Requirements for Mandatory Recall Notices

    This rule contains CPSC’s interpretation of the information that must appear on mandatory recall notices as well as guidelines for additional information that CPSC or a court can order to be included in these notices.

    Guidelines/Requirements for Mandatory Recall Notices
  • Regulatory Robot

    Are you a small business starting out and manufacturing a product for children or other consumers? You may be wondering which federal product safety requirements, like CPSIA, apply to your product. We're here to help steer you in the right direction.

    Regulatory Robot